Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Role Model: My Father

We are  now living at a time, when we are pushing ourselves to hither to unattainable, high levels of excellence in field after field, in discipline after discipline. In the race of heading at top we ignore our family, parents, friends and society. Suddenly, a hurdle arrives in our life to stop our speed and make us remind of words told by a person to proceed further. 
In the same scenario, the words, teaching, opinion given by my father always motivates me to lead life by crossing the hurdles in a very smooth and confident way.Till now, I take his opinion when ever get stuck in miserable situation. He always guide me towards right direction and understand my feelings without uttering words. 

A role model is someone who is inspiring and that you look up to; and my role model is my father.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Modi Wave" (New Trend in Politics)

“Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar”
Everyone is talking about “Modi Wave”.
Currently in India, is really a wave is blowing, in the name of Modi?
Is it instigated by himself or his followers?
Hmm ….. It’s very confusing…….

The slogan “Ab ki bar Modi sarkar”, given by the party, is reflecting a change in the politics scenario. Instead of party, personality is given importance. Election campaign has become “One Man Show”, and the BJP as a party has been reduced to secondary position. The tone and tenor of Modi’s campaign from its inception has had overtones of the individualism that marks the US President polls, in which votes are cast for a single person and not in the name of the party, as in India.
He brought a change in the picture of election campaign this year, by well organized plans and through studying psychology of youths, need of common people and presenting before us the “Gujarat Model”. He recognized the role of urban youth who seemed to support him in large numbers in Gujarat, Modi crafted a social media strategy to reach different segments of the young population. Numerous information tools were created to publicize his speeches, visits, and ideas through Twitter, Face book, YouTube and etc. It includes focus on development, southern strategy, a strong social media presence and harnessing of the state machinery to build his persona. Many commentators noted that the poll publicity urged voters to vote not so much for the Lotus symbol but for the Gujarat CM. Indeed, the very fact that several senior party members  has accepted that there is a brand “Namo”, for the party whose existence for the party cannot be denied, as the wave is must to spread BJP all over the country, this election.

I want to know:
  • Is really the wave blown by us "common people" or has been animated?
  • Does our country election campaign and theme is changing for development of the society?
  • Now people will  vote on individual basis not on the performance of the party?
Waiting for the answers to know about the changing trend in election campaign and politics.