Thursday, April 10, 2014

Close Encounters Of The Smelly Kind

Get reborn every morning with a hot water bath. Make a fresh start each day with the most advanced water heaters. Completes dress up and makeup by spraying perfume/ deodorant all over the body and covering neck with cool scented talcum powder, gets ready to give a start to cool – fragrant morning.  Energizing self with a tasty breakfast and a cup of tea or coffee. Rushes to office with a smile and greets colleagues with a warm handshake and quickly enter Boss cabins to show, “I’m in time” , by wishing “A very good morning Sir!”.
The above lines pictured daily routine of most of the us. But there’s  many one who escapes bath and even not comb hairs , as to reach office in time.
I was also close encounter of the smelly kind in my previous company. There’s was a HR , who used to daily get late to catch the office bus , as she use to ring  me up to wait for herself and daily bus used to depart late by 5 – 10 mins. Her entrance to the bus was with fragrant smell of the powder and removing her curly opened hair from face with a smile. By reaching office she rushes to rest room, to comb and tie up the hair. By mid of the day she was covered with sweat as she used to run for work here and there. I used to thank god for  making my seat far away from her, as people nearby her use to sneer of her fishy smell.
 A day , I was encounter with the same situation. My new Team Leader was appointed and we both were allotted the same cabin to share. At the first day , I sniffed a unique pinching smell, after a time felt suffocation, so opened the door of the cabin for fresh air. She just looked at me  smiled at started to continue her work. I just ignored, without uttering a word.  After a two days ,as I opened the door , office boy came and told me to close the door as the cabin air conditioner will loose the cooling affect. After nodding my head in agreement , said him to spray the room freshener twice a day. My T.L just looked at me  and asked , "Is there any problem?"
In a moment of confusion was thinking what to reply to her. Very  polite, I said “From few days I am feeling suffocation due to a peculiar smell have you felt?, that’s why ” . Again with a smile she said no and continued her work. I was very tensed what to do now, as she is not able to understand my situation. Then a day I got an idea, at the mid of the day she left cabin for some work, I thought to close the cabin , switch off the air conditioner and leave the cabin.  As she entered the cabin , she felt the smell , and from a distance I saw her smelling her clothes. After a while , I entered the cabin and started to work very normally. Next day she looked fresh and had a pleasant fragrant.
I was happy as my idea worked and I never faced that daily encounter again . Also learnt importance of bath, as I had never escaped bathing and also realize what happens when a daily bath is escaped and if you don’t like to bath with cold water just use warm water but have a daily bath.

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